Phnom Penh House of Prayer (PPHoP) exists to bring glory to Jesus and through prayer and intercession to loose His Kingdom in power upon Cambodia. We welcome Christians, organizations and workers to unite together as the Body of Christ to bring about this common goal.


PPHoP is open   Monday-Saturday (9am-5pm), and Sundays (12pm-5pm), with some late nights opening.

Please join us at these Weekly Sessions :



  • 2-3:30pm   You Restore my Soul: Refreshing for workers engaged in intense, stressful work. Led by Water of Life (www.wateroflifeasia.com).



  • 12-2pm Firewall: Prophetic Intercession for Cambodia.  Firewall has been laying powerful foundations of intercession in Cambodia for many years. Led by Dale Jones (www.jones-cambodia.info).
  • (on hold for a few months: 3-4:00pm Adventures in Prayer: creative worship for kids. Led by Alice Collier, CRM.)

  • 6-8pm (2nd & 4th Wednesdays only)  Art and Soul:  Seeking God’s heart and creating art to reflect Him. No previous artistic ability needed. Led by Fiona Smith and Emma Hawthorne (emma.hawthorne@yahoo.co.uk).



  • 3:30-4:45pm Breaking the Silence: a session for clients of NGOs to participate, in Khmer. Led by Water of Life (www.wateroflifeasia.com).



  • 8:00-10am   At His Feet: Intercession to End Trafficking & Child Abuse. Led by Hard Places Community (www.hardplacescommunity.org).
  • 10am-11am   A Call to Intimacy:  Intimate, reflective worship & hearing the voice of God led by Alice Collier, CRM (www.crmleaders.org).


  • 4-5pm (1st Friday only) Stars of Peace: Cambodian-led intercession for children under the age of five.  Stars of Peace wants to see young children grow and develop holistically, to pray about the many challenges for young children in Cambodia, including malnutrition, HIV/AIDS, and living on the streets. Led by Naroth Phin (starsofpeaceunder5@gmail.com).
  • 8:00pm-6:00am (3rd Fridays only) The Watch of the Lord: Sponsored by the Firewall Intercessors Network, the prayer initiative is an all-night worship and intercession.   Doors will be unlocked at 12midnight for those who wish to leave at this point (participants are requested to travel accompanied). This is a prayer AND fasting event (water, coffee and tea will be provided).   If you are unable to stay awake all night, sleeping for short periods is permitted. RSVP Requested. For more information, please contact Dale Jones (dale@jones-cambodia.info).





And we are recruiting Khmer intercessors for the following ….

  • Purify Your Bride: Khmer-led Intercession for the Church in Cambodia.   Cambodians, with a vision to see their church revived & purified, will lead this.  Please get in touch if you are interested!



  1. To be a place to express our love and worship to Jesus, simply because He is worthy.
  2. Through the power of prayer, facilitate revival by the Holy Spirit, and see God move in power upon Cambodia. We believe prayer enables the hand of God to act in the situations and lives we are praying for, and that our prayers are powerful and effective to bring about change that reflects the Kingdom of God in Cambodia.
  3. To invite the presence of God to meet the needs of Christians, organizations and workers; to restore, refresh, heal, strengthen, and encourage weary individuals who are engaged on the spiritual front line.
For further information, see Our Values or Contact Us.


We welcome individuals and groups, Khmer and foreigners, mission workers and church teams who have a passion to pray and intercede for Cambodia, to worship Jesus, or to simply spend time in His presence individually.

Our worship song!
title: Your Love is Enough
lyrics: Ruth Elliott
melody: Neth Kong
Our worship song!
title: Break the Silence
lyrics: Elise Paty
melody: Elise Paty